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Good Home Cooking

Good home cooking and a balanced diet is a very important part of a service user’s day. With this in mind we cater for a wide range of specialist diets (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free etc).

All our produce is sourced from locally selected suppliers to support the local community.

Our menus are displayed daily with an alternative to the main meal always available. All residents are asked what they would like prior to the meal, adhering to their dietary needs and wishes.

Our dining room provides a pleasant and bright surrounding to enjoy your meal, or if you would prefer you can enjoy your meal in your room. Also, in the Summer months you have the option of eating on our new garden patio accessed through the dining room patio doors; or perhaps favouring a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the sunshine, with family and friends, would be your choice.

On special occasions or for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, buffets can be provided as well.

Part of our good home cooking is to provide an annual Family Christmas Meal, where families and friends of all residents are invited to attend a spectacular four-course meal with their relative. It is a chance to get to know people who are part of Dalemain House and spend more quality time with each other, not to mention it is like having two Christmas Days because of the excitement and festivities on the day being just like Christmas Day.

Some of our residents like to participate in baking with our Chef, the baked treats are usually ready to be enjoyed in the afternoon tea served at 3pm. Last year, the Home spent time baking our way through the alphabet as a result of one the residents suggesting it; no matter how hard we tried, the X and Z proved difficult.

We have a fantastic Chef, Louise, who has been delighting us with her good, wholesome food for a few years. After her long time in restaurant catering as a Chef, Louise felt it was time to try something different and with her other career background being caring for the elderly, what better than to work at Dalemain House as our Chef. Having someone that has previous insight into the importance and differences of older generations’ nutritional needs is an obvious advantage. We are always willing to try something new if and when the residents ask and Louise is always aware of new ideas because she is involved in the building of each residents nutritional requirements.

“I like to serve traditional food that older generations remember and enjoy whilst keeping their diets nutritionally balanced” – Louise