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Quality of Care

Dalemain HouseAt Dalemain House we pride ourselves on the quality of care we give. Our staff are obviously fundamental to this service and we have always maintained high standards, not only in the constant training we give but in the empathy the staff give to our residents.

The highest quality of care is not an aspiration but an essential part of our philosophy. We promote dignity, respect and a caring attitude, which is confirmed by the constant compliments afforded to our staff by our residents and families. Naturally, we aim to provide a home that is effective to each individual. We provide a positive and supportive environment, where independence is not only promoted but encouraged.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Dalemain House is registered with The Care Quality Commission. They determine if care homes meet the needs of the people that live in them, as well as securing their welfare and social inclusion.

Our standards and goals are above and behold the minimum standards determined by the CQC. Our aim is to always achieve higher standards.


We strictly follow Health and Safety regulations, including regular risk assessments and auditing. The Home is equipped with a full fire protection and alarm system.

With this in mind Dalemain House offers a safe, secure and comfortable environment for you to live.


We realise we have probably not answered all the questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a visit. Contact Dalemain House