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Respite Care

Respite care can be for the elderly when they need extra support after an illness or perhaps surgery; or it could be whilst their families take a holiday.

We at Dalemain House offer respite care as we believe there are many benefits to it. The person receiving the care has a chance to meet new people who they may have things in common with and have a change of scenery; not forgetting the chance to try new things whether it be activities they have never done before or things they used to do. For your carer it can be a chance to recharge their batteries and take some time to look after their own needs. Also, respite care provides a break from routine for both parties which can lead to exciting experiences. Respite care can be arranged for an indefinite period if rooms are available.

Pre-assessment will be necessary to make sure the Home can meet your needs and wishes. We would highly recommend visiting the Home with your family to have a cup of tea and look around.

Prices vary according to extras such as chiropody, hairdresser and of course the chosen room.

For further details and enquiries please contact us.