Living at Dalemain House

A care home is your home

Dalemain house is not like a hospital or a hotel, this is your home, whether for a brief respite stay or a much longer period. The staff have a challenging but rewarding job to do, supporting people to live their lives whilst balancing a range of needs.


Dalemain house doesn’t just give access to the right care support but provide comfortable accommodation and wholesome food whilst helping residents stay connected to the wider community. Activities are carried out daily and staff help people to take part in the same kind of activities they would in their own homes.


The question always asked before deciding the best place to resign: What is it really like to live in a care home?


After speaking with our residents these are the actual answers freely and enthusiastically given:


Always a fantastic environment, the staff are all lovely, kind and caring. I always feel safe and comfortable. You always have a choice for food and there’s always brilliant activities”


“Very nice home, the environment is very bright which is what I like. I always feel comfortable, staff are very good, and the food is adequate, I don’t like doing too much activity as my legs aren’t stable however chair exercises are done daily and activities are done to meet my needs” 


“Staff always do a good job and the best for me. Overall I am cared for very well and there’s always a wide variety of food to meet everyone’s taste”


“The home is friendly; people always seem very well cared for and there is always something going on around you”


“This is my home; it feels like home which is what I want. I have always said to staff - treat the residents like it’s your mother or father and how they would like to be treated. I believe that happens here at Dalemain. The food is always prepared and cooked suitable for the resident’s needs. I very rarely join in with activities as I like to go out into the community, however, I do see activities being carried out”


A district nurse added “I like visiting Dalemain, you just have that nice feeling in the home, I would always recommend Dalemain House”.

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Are you unable to manage at home anymore?


Are you in another environment which isn’t meeting your needs?


Are you looking for a home where you can live life to the full with friendly faces and upbeat personalities?

If the answer is “YES” then look no further than Dalemain House because this is your place, your home.


Written and researched by Naomi Lewis (Manager at Dalemain House)

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